“The duo is gifted with reckless energy, imaginary vocabulary and a rebellious, eccentric spirit. The live improvisations embrace all, from blues, alternative, psychedelic-jam rock and progressive rock, African rhythms to noise, guitar heroic blasts and free improvisations.” Eyal Hareuveni, All About Jazz

“The way Pesonen and Berre are treating the sounds they produce makes it hard to believe one is listening only two people and (in a way) two instruments, not to mention the fact that its only guitar and drums. (…) ¡haUtUllin! is playing what music could be, not what it likely and presumable is.” Jani Ekblom, Desibeli (FI)

“… like Hendrix on an intergalactic excursion. And it’s beautiful! And poetry unfolds in a curious way in the moments of dissonant peace. (…) a strong statement.” Allan Sommer, Jazz Special (DK)

“The precise interplay and almost surreal new dimensions brought by the use of modern technology, Pesonen and Berre created a memorable concert experience.” Jouko Kirstilä, Jazzrytmit (FI, concert review)

“Down in the zones of acoustic sounds and organic tissue, into singing tone paintings and dialogues with a personal expression. This should foster respect among the discerning avant-garde audience.” Christian Munch-Hansen, Politiken (DK)

“In essence, every track shows how the limited line-up of guitar and drums can bring completely different approaches, but thanks to the great artistry of both musicians it remains a coherent story, with a unique atmosphere and sound that maintains its focus despite the variation. “ Stef, Freejazzblog

“With contemporary techniques, these two friends conjure up impossible sound worlds. Live-electronics is the inexhaustible magic kit, which both skillfully take advantage of.” Pentti Ronkainen, Keskisuomalainen (FI)

“The Duos playful juxtaposition of ideas and their real-time editing gave rise to powerful music, which dynamics covered the whole of the hearing range.” Matti Komulainen, TS (FI, concert review)

¡haUtUllin! is a Norwegian/Finnish duo which unites two young improvisers making music in the moment. The duo uses everything from ringing bells, tin plates and chains, to pot lids, tea towels, forks and chopsticks to make noise. Acoustic sounds gets electronically treated with computers before getting played back together with howling, distorted guitar, crackling computer noise and thundering drums.

¡haUtUllin! represents a break from the prevailing musical styles and with the understanding of the instruments typical roles and use. haUtUllin! is an auditory anarchy where the sound palette is extended to the extreme. The members of the duo each have a long experience from the free improvising scene of Copenhagen and Berlin, which includes collaborations with (among others) Peter Brötzmann, Herb Robertson, Linda Kallerdahl, John Tchicai, Tristan Honsinger, Liudas Mockunas, Lotte Anker, Django Bates, Fred Lonberg-Holm and Eivind Lønning.

The duo released their debut album “haUtUllin” on Barefoot Records, 28th of January 2013.

Markus Pesonen (FI) – guitar, preparations and live electronics
Håkon Berre (NO) – drums, percussion, objects and live electronics

Listen the album here:

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