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Markus Pesonen – guitar
Tom Arthurs – trumpet
Miles Perkin – contrabass
Janne Tuomi – drums and percussion

001A quietly anticipated 2016 Spring meeting in Sowieso, the most essential of Berlin’s underground improvised music venues, led to the formation of this stunning new quartet and this accompanying release.

A constellation from the fertile imagination of Pesonen, QUAIRÓS brings together Arthurs and Perkin (who met in Banff, Canada in 2001 and who have played extensively as GLUE and in Miles’ quartet with Benoît Delbecq), Arthurs and Pesonen (who form Pedesis with violinist Biliana Voutchkova) and Pesonen and Tuomi (long connected through the Finnish jazz/improvised/new music scenes).

The quartet proposes something of the finest of what is rapidly emerging as a new form of real-time composed/improvised music-making – unlimited by concept or dogma and proposing beauty and sensuality as opposed to the mechanical coldness and harsh juxtapositions of earlier forms. These are four musicians listening and reacting at the highest level – reveling in both the range of influences available to them and also in the depth with which these are explored. As well as being unapologetic jazz musicians, all are experienced composers, and they bring these experiences in form and detail to their extemporisations. Roots are clear – traces of reductionism, spectralism, European jazz history, Americana and electro-acoustic music remain – but in a way entirely personal to these four individuals, and their combination in this group.

QUAIRÓS is a band with a fresh and commanding sound, and a group who transmit
a quiet intensity and warm humanity with a clarity and joy otherwise rare in today’s improvised music.

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